Unit 1 Outcome 1

Distance Formula
Midpoint Formula
Gradient of a line (formula)
Gradient of a line (tan of angle)
Equation of a Straight Line (1)
Equation of a Straight Line (2)
Equation of a median
Eqautions of an altitude
Perpendicular Bisectors
Equation of a perpendicular bisector
Intersections of line (equation)
Intersection of line (gradients)

Unit 1 outcome 2

Inverse Functions
Exponential Functions
Logarithmic Functions 1 2
Composite Function
Trigonometric Function
Graph Transformations (a b c d e f g)
Graph Transformations (a b c d e f)

Unit 1 outcome 3

Distance, Velocity and acceleration 1 2 3 4 5 6
Differentiation - rate of change
Equation of a tangent
Increasing and decreasing functions
Stationary Points
Derived functions

Unit 1 outcome 3

Convergent Sequences

Unit 2 outcome 1

Synthetic division 1 (quadratic)
Synthetic division 2 (quadratic)
Synthetic division 3 (cubic)
Synthetic division 4 (cubic)
Finding the function from its graph
Sketching quadratic graphs
Solving a quadratic inequality
The discriminat
Condition for tangency

Unit 2 outcome 2

Radians and degrees
3D Diagrams - cube
3D Diagrams - triangular prism

Unit 2 outcome 3

Integration Intro
Area under a straight line
Area under a curve
Area between curves

Unit 2 outcome 4

Equation of a circle
Points on a circle
General equation of a circle
Intersection of a line and a circle

Unit 3 outcome 1

Vectors in 2D
Vectors in 3D
Addition of Vectors
Position Vectors
Points dividing lines
Multiplying Vectors
Scalar product

Unit 3 outcome 3

Population Growth